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We believe in prayer as both personal and corporate communication with our Heavenly Father. There is an active prayer ministry here at Zion Congregational Church in which all are encouraged to participate.  We are always delighted to pray with anyone who contacts us. We also have a prayer chain that prays for submitted requests. Our Daily Prayer Shield consists of a daily pastoral prayer sent to email participants.  A weekly compilation of those daily prayers is also printed and provided for those without email. Please click here to contact us with your prayer requests.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School focuses on teaching all ages, kids through adults, to be disciples; to learn about God's love, grace, and mercy; His sovereignty, power, righteousness and justice; and His desire to have an eternal relationship with us through His son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We can then be a testimony to others, telling them the Good News of the salvation that can only be found in Him!


Bible Studies

Weekly Bible studies are conducted during the Fall, Winter and Spring. We typically study books of the Bible, but sometimes our studies are topical. There are usually separated studies for men and women, or they are combined, depending on the subject and what participants think best for what is being studied. Watch our Home Page and Calendar for the current schedule.


Marriage and Family

Marriages and families are God's cornerstones for society. We are committed to assist families in becoming strong and vibrant by offering occasional marriage retreats and seminars as well as pastoral counseling for pre-married, married and remarried couples and their families.



Missions is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are therefore actively involved with a variety of mission fields. We support missionaries in various African countries, Brazil, throughout the USA, and the local Denver metro area.  It is our privilege to pray for them and to help as we are able. We encourage individuals and groups from our church to participate in mission trips, which can be life changing experiences.  But we are also committed to reaching our own mission fields in our respective spheres of influence because wherever we are - we are all missionaries!

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