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CONSERVATIVE CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE (CCCC) is a national group of churches of which we are a member. It is a conference of like-minded churches that share in a recognized fellowship with each other. This group was founded by churches that stand firm on the Bible, God's Word, as absolute in its teachings and unaffected by any societal changes. They believe that God wrote not only an unchanging book, but a book without any need for change. Our pastor is ordained with and under the authority of this conference.


OUR DAILY BREAD CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY is a website that allows you to pursue a quality education online with free and affordable courses taught by trusted Christian scholars in a way that meets your busy lifestyle. Whether you are a “leisure learner” or a ministry leader looking for a full academic program, they have something for you!


FAMILY LIFE is a ministry that provides excellent marriage and family resources that include books, courses, counseling, retreats and seminars for pre-married and married couples, blended families, empty nesters and folks at all stages of life. They conduct the popular “Weekend to Remember” conferences. Our pastor is one of their listed marriage conciliators.


OUR DAILY BREAD is the daily devotional published by Radio Bible Class that we recommend and distribute at our church. Each day, it contains a passage of Scripture with a devotional thought. It also contains daily Bible readings that when followed will enable you to read the entire Bible in one year. The daily devotional passage is also the basis of our Daily Prayer Shield.

SPIRITUAL GIFTS TEST is an online inventory that will help you understand how God has wired you to shine in the Body of Christ. He freely distributes spiritual gifts to all who are saved because He wants us to be involved with His work. This test will help you in that process. A printed version is also available from the church office.


RELATIONAL WISDOM 360 is a ministry that equips and encourages people to discern emotions, interests, motives, and abilities in themselves and others, to interpret them in the light of God’s Word, and to use this insight to manage their responses and relationships constructively.  Learning these skills helps us experience stronger relationships and less conflict at home as a more credible witness for Christ.

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